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Whether you want a business loan or are looking to refinance, Tony and Matt will guide you through the entire process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

We pride ourselves on our personalised approach, providing exceptional customer service and comprehensive knowledge of the mortgage market. Partner with Horizon Mortgages and let us help you secure your finance goal.

Vehicle and Asset Finance

The most popular asset finance options are an equipment loan, hire purchase and finance lease. It’s important to understand the features and conditions of each option to work out which could best suit you and your business.

Asset financing typically involves fixed monthly repayments for the term of a loan in return for use and potential ownership (finance option dependent) of an asset.

Asset finance can help you to:

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Business Loans

Financing to ensure your business has the right premises, the best resources and the most effective investment options:

Horizon Mortgages can offer secure financing options for all your business needs including: